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Video 1

Original Project "Le Lunghe Canne" special guest Pat Metheney, Santa Anna Arresi, Sardegna, Italy, August 2005. concert's end

Video 2

G. Trovesi 5t guest Rava, Recorded Live at Casa del Jazz, Rome 2007, January 31

electronic percussion solo

Music Videos

Video 3

31-12-1993 Performance directed by L. Cinque with percussionists from Italy, Senegal, Brazil, the Rome Testaccio Music School  Orchestra, actors, musicians like B. Tommaso, R. Fassi.

A great work of coordination,  friendship and enthusiasm

Video 4

from CD "Insulae" (1998)  Tanit,  guest Paolo Fresu
with Massimo Nardi: guitar, Carlo Mariani: launeddas, Gianluca Ruggeri: marimba

Video 5

8t Gianluigi Trovesi, Munchen, 2002 with Roberto Bonati (db), Beppe Caruso (trb), Massimo Greco (tr), Vittorio Marinoni (dr), Marco Micheli (b), Marco Remondini (vlc)

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