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Please help dogs get vaccinated

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Kindly go to the fb accounts of our ESMA friends who are currently asking for donations with the aim to vaccinate dogs against contagious illnesses. These dogs were injured, ill, abandoned or/and mistreated before they were brought to the biggest shelter of Egypt. Jose was one of these dogs. She should have come to Germany for adoption. Unfortunately, she passed away at the shelter due to distemper. 


ESMA Freunde im deutschsprachigen Raum


Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals ESMA

Please help homeless animals in need

In the time of crisis with coronavirus pandemic, economic slowdown and systematic racism, our thoughts are with the suffering. Lets also not forget the current suffering of animals.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many dogs and cats have been abandoned by their owners. This heartbreaking reality occurs everywhere, including in Egypt.

ESMA, Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, tries as a registered non profit animal welfare organization to help these pets together with stray animals. This charity, established in 2007, is located in Cairo.


ESMA runs a spay and neutering program and operates a rescue and adoption center as well as the largest animal shelter in Egypt. 

With approximately 1700 dogs and cats staying at the shelter, ESMA is facing various challenges, including financial constraints. 

Dogs go dancing for fundraising

ESMA does not receive any financial or material support from the local authority. All activities, inclusive the spay  and neutering program, are exclusively funded by private donations.


1. You can make a donation

By making a donation, you help to support ESMA in saving animals rescued from abandonment, illness, injury or mistreatment.

2. You can adopt an animal by distance

By adopting a dog or cat by distance, you help to support the costs for food and medical treatment for an animal of your choice. You will receive regular pictures and updates from the animal that you have chosen.

3. You can adopt an animal to your home

Every adoption offers a free place at the shelter for another suffering animal that still lives on the street.

The most beautiful cats 

Do you want to adopt a beautiful cat by distance? 

Here we go


Which cat is the most beautiful one for you? Your choice counts, let us know. Write here

Stories with Happy End 

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