Marco Santilli 4t & 9t

 4t Marco Santilli

Lorenzo Frizzera     gt

Ivan Tibolla     p


 9t Marco Santilli

KazaCH 6t

Owing to the  invitation of the Swiss Embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Switzerland and Kazakhstan,                                                                 the Swiss clarinet player,  Yernar Myntayev,  the Kazakh Cello player, and   I initiated a new musical performance.  The aim of this project is to play as a trio original compositions as well as  Kazakh  traditional and classic-contemporary music , from jazz mood to classical execution.


Following the success of the concert, it was decided to enhance the participation of the strings from the single cello player to a quartet. Yernar Myntayev is not only a member of the                                                                                                            but also its founder. 

The  concert, which took place at the Philharmonic Theatre of Almaty,   clearly demonstrated the significant repertoire of this sextet with its particular sounds. 


This KazaCH  6t is  considering to give more concerts worldwide. For more detailed information, you may wish to contact me.

Faris Amine

G. Trovesi

  S.Montanari  direction

     C.Guarino  orchestration

 F. Bosso trumpet

G.Trovesi "Berg Heim" project

G.Trovesi "Berg Heim" project

                    S.Montanari  dir

                    M. Spillmann  tr

                    F. Marchesano  b

 OSI   Orchestra della  Svizzera Italiana

                tournée August 2011

Italy,  Bergamo:

"Notti di Luce"

Breakfast at Tiffany's


A tribute to Audrey Hepburn by musician and painter Gianni Bergamelli with the Ensemble Orchestra Salmeggia, arrangements of Gabriele Comeglio

​​Colazione da Tiffany


Omaggio del musicista e pittore Gianni Bergamelli ad Audrey Hepburn, Ensemble Orchestra Salmeggia, arrangiamenti  di Gabriele Comeglio