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Remix & Reinventions

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In the past, I wrote music for several dance companies. I still have the tapes of that time - the big old 24 tracks tapes. I decided to transfer all of this music from analog to digital. While doing so,  I have had a lot of ideas how to adapt the music to today's mood. I enjoyed this task and I hope that you will enjoy the result.


This album is just a first release of the music that represents me, 

a musical path of more than 30 years

   Sfumature . . . remastered

This  LP is a funny discovery of a fragment of life 30 years ago.  The Album was merrily recorded, during a typical hot summer in Rome using only analog sounds. totally not computerised . It was printed  a few hundreds copies, of which some can still be found, especially in Japan. Nowadays this "Vintage" LP  is surprisingly requested, That's why I make available a remastered version

fulvio e alf 1987
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juno records.jpg
sfumature nw LP.jpg

watch the video, preparing the Remix

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sfumature new.jpg
sfumature cover.jpg

Mezquita Forest

This  is a" home recording"  ambient music, just a soundscape,  a collaboration with                                                                            

He realised the videos that you can see here. You can find him at Believe Digital shop  Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud



This is an unreleased  album,  one of several  recorded with the guitar player                                                          with whom I have collaborated for more than 30  years.   Just easy listening  instrumental music, composed for pure fun

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Tatma Project

I started the project, that was completed when Francesco Tattara  joined it. We realised the CD with theTwilight Music Publishing and the contribution of the collecting  society IMAIE. The compositions are original and instrumental.  TATMA  revises Jazz from the 50's and 60's influenced by audio samples and electronic sounds

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