Born in Roma, Italy

percussionist and drummer 

technical competence and long experience in music recording and production

executions, arrangements and composition of music




My involvement as a musician to help animals

As a musician I have been invited to participate in concerts all over the world. In addition, I used to stay in New Delhi and Cairo for personal reasons. Living in these big cities, I recognized the suffering of stray animals. Since then, together with my wife, I have been keen in helping to improve the welfare of dogs and cats. That’s why I decided to establish a fb page on ESMA, a non profit animal welfare organization, that I appreciate for its activities. Among other things, I create or arrange the music for the videoclips, which I enjoy very much.


currently working at home

foto @ Stefania Trifoni

JAZZ: participation at  festivals worldwide,  studio recording with  international artists

POP:  studio  productions and tours with Italian singers 

CLASSICAL:  participation in concerts with nationals symphonic orchestras

ETHNIC:   collaboration in projects , invited by the Italian Cultural Institutes

THEATRE:  composition and execution of music for shows 

DANCE COMPANIES:  composition and execution of music

TELEVISION and MOVIES:  participation in TV programs

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