Taking care of projects to avoid the              suffering of the animals

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ESMA Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals

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                                                                                       ---------- #Coronavirus---------


In the time of this crisis, my thoughts are with whose who have been infected,   families who are worried about their loved ones or who suffered a loss. In this context, I also would like to thank all health care providers from the bottom of my heart. I cannot underestimate the threat that poses coronavirus to our health, our families, our friends and our livelihood. We have to help each other and, especially the ones who need us now the most. Lets help the animals as well.


I used to frequently travel to Cairo. I noticed the suffering of the animals, in particular, the ones living on the street. ESMA, the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, takes care of them. This non profit animal welfare organization  provides animal welfare all over Egypt for dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, animals in the Cairo zoo and pet shops. 


Three days ago, the black dog was thrown off the roof of the owner building and left on the street for 2 days before ESMA picked him up. According to the vet, the dog is totally paralysed. We try to save his life. The dog has to be operated !


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Born in Roma, Italy

Percussionist and Drummer, 

Technical competence and long experience in music recording and production

Executions, arrangements and composition of music in the following fields:


JAZZ,                                                       frequent participation at  festivals, in Italy and abroad  and studio recording with 

                                                                international artists (like G. Trovesi, K. Wheeler, P. Fresu, P. Damiani…)

POP,                                                        studio recording productions and tours with Italian singers (like P. Pravo, I. Fossati…)

CLASSICAL,                   participation at concerts with nationals symphonic orchestras (like S. Cecilia  and the RAI national television in Roma)

ETHNIC,                         collaboration in projects invited by the Italian Cultural Institutes (like in Senegal.  Bali, Brasil, Turkey)  and concerts with                                            modern ensembles

THEATRE,                                               composition and execution of the music for shows  (touring with actress like P. Pitagora and M. Melato)

DANCE COMPANIES,                           composition and execution of the music (touring in Italy and in France, Austria, Venezuela, U S…)

TELEVISION and MOVIES,                   participation at TV programs (in national networks like RAI and Mediaset orchestras) and studio recording                                                                  sessions for soundtracks

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