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Born in Roma, Italy

percussionist and drummer 

technical competence and long experience in music recording and production

executions, arrangements and composition of music

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Due to the Covid pandemic, we had to wait for a long time! Finally the Marco Santilli’s "CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi" finished the recording session for the second album at the renowned Hardstudios in Winterthur (Switzerland) on May 30/31, 2021,  at the studio A 

My involvement as a musician to help the environment

As a musician I have been invited to participate in concerts all over the world. I am Italian, live in Switzerland and consider myself a citizen of the world. It is impossible not to notice the acceleration of the environmental degradation and climate change.  Scientists are giving a drammatic warning and are indicating that the most important and pressing problems facing humankind are global warning and loss of biodiversity.  We all need to act in favor of the environment                   IMMEDIATELY .... ! 

Let's save the Forests

My "TikTok dance"


currently working at home

foto @ Stefania Trifoni

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My involvement as a musician to help animals

I've always traveled around the world. Living in cities like New Dehli and Cairo, I recognized the suffering of stray animals. Since then, together with my wife, I have been keen in helping to improve the living conditions of dogs and cats. That’s why I decided to collaborate with non profit animal welfare organizations such as ESMA, a charity based in Egypt, Among other things, I create and arrange music for their videoclips, which I enjoy very much.

JAZZ: participation at  festivals worldwide,  studio recording with  international artists

POP:  studio  productions and tours with Italian singers 

CLASSICAL:  participation in concerts with nationals symphonic orchestras

ETHNIC:   collaboration in projects , invited by the Italian Cultural Institutes

THEATRE:  composition and execution of music for shows 

DANCE COMPANIES:  composition and execution of music

TELEVISION and MOVIES:  participation in TV programs

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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